Land Excursions

  • Excursions in Barbagia

    Minimum 8 persons.
    • 8:30 Depart from Cala Gonone
    • Arrive at Nuoro after 1 hour, visit the Costume Museum, proceed to Mount Ortobene, visit the statue of “Su Redentore”.
    • Departure to Orgosolo and visiting its Murals.
    • Typical lunch with the shepherds; dancing and singing
    • Return at about 17:00.

    Mount Ortobene

    Mount Ortobene (in Sardinian: Orthobène) is an ancient granite hill, which rises in the east of the town of Nuoro.
    It stands at 955 metres above sea level. At the summit you can admire the great Redeemer Statue, a bronze work by sculptor Vincenzo Jerace, which was raised atop the mountain’s summit in 1901 when celebrating Jubilee.

    Ortobene is a mountain in Nuoro visited for picnics and walks or outdoor games. 
    Of special interest to tourists is the so-called "sa conca" or "il fungo" (the mushroom), located on the side of the road leading to the Sedda Ortai park; it is a fold formed out of an enormous rock, unique in Sardinia.
    Coming down from the Redeemer park on the opposite side of...

  • Gola Gorroppu Excursion

    Among the deepest gorges in Europes.
  • Difficulty: medium.  

    The excursion to Gorroppu is considered a good merit among the most interesting and spectacular tours of the entire Supramonte.
    Departure is set at about 08:30.
    With the Jeep ride accompanied by our guides, you head towards the towns of Oddoene and S’abba Arva.

    From this point the road becomes a dirt road, with stretches running alongside the Flumineddu river, immersed in lush vegetation made up of Oleanders, Alders, Arbutus, Lentiscus and numerous aromatic plants. After arriving at the gorge, the trip continues along the path that leads towards the deserted shore of the river. 

     The landscape is unique, it is in front of an impressive karst phenomenon originating from tectonic upheavals that united with the erosive action of water giving rise to high walls that reach 400 meters in height. Going inside the gorge you can see the wilder environment of the Supramonte with its numerous hollows and evidence of past geological eras. After visiting inside...