Sea Excursions

  • Cala Biriola

    It is certainly one of the most beautiful coves on the East Coast of Sardinia and the perfect place to go snorkelling in a sea of dreams.
  • The small beach of Cala Biriola, nestled in between high cliffs and topped by a forest of live oaks and junipers, suddenly appears while sailing in the Golf, just after the cape known as “Scala di ferro” (Iron staircase).

    The rest of this beach is included in the Gulf Mini Cruise programme departing from Cala Gonone.

  • Cala Gabbiani

    Cala Gabbiani should be considered an extension of the more famous"Cala Mariolu".
  • In fact, they are only divided by a small rocky cape that protects it from wind.

    It is certainly as beautiful and, as it is less known, usually less crowded in high season. It owes its name to the thriving colony of seagulls where every night from sunset until the early morning swimmers reclaim the beach embroidering it with their footprints.

    Cala Mariolu can be reached every day from June to September, with departures leaving throughout the morning and returning at around 16:00.

  • Cala Goloritze

    Cala Goloritzè was declared a Natural Monument because of its uniqueness and for preserving its pristine beauty.
  • In fact it is characterized by a large rock arch that emerges from a transparent sea with indescribable colours.

    But greater still is the majestic “Guglia”  that overlooks the beach: a rocky outcrop 150 meters Tall!

    Those who choose to go on the mini cruise will be able to admire it up close and take footage or photographs without leaving the boat.

    The beach is rather small and often very crowded. It is only accessible by walking on foot along a trail through the mountains that takes about 4 hours there and back.

  • Cala Luna

    Cala Luna is considered the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean. 
  • A half mile long strip of sand, a white crescent moon with six enormous caves that open up onto the sand and in the background, a crown-shaped forest of oleanders preceded by a freshwater pond. 

    Nature protects the inlet from the insidious southerly wind with a rock wall to the south. Through the oleander woods you can go forwards to the "canyon" for exciting trekking trails in the dense Mediterranean vegetation, inhabited by rare birds of prey, wild boar, and wild goats.

    Connections with Cala Luna are hourly starting at 9:00 in the morning, particularly from June to September, and even the return times are well distributed throughout the day. 

    Departure times: 9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00.

  • Cala Mariolu

    Cala Mariolu is a long beach nestled among the cliffs, divided in two by some fallen rocks from the canyon, overlooking the prettiest stretch of sea in Sardinia.
  • The cove is characterized by small smooth pebbles, you walk on stones as if it were a soft carpet.

    The transparency and colour of the sea is unparalleled even when compared to the more famous exotic and tropical seas, which are considerably more difficult to reach.

    Cala Mariolu is one of the 3 beach stops on the mini cruise, but you can also take a direct link that allows you to stay from the morning until about 16:00.

  • Cala Sisine

    The smallest of Cala Luna, Cala Sisine appears deeper, though it is wedged in the green "codula" (canyon) of the same name after hundreds of meters of sand.
  • It is like it were gathered together and close to two high 500-metre peaks. 

    Those heading to Sisine canyon face one of the most fascinating and challenging excursions through a superb and pristine natural setting.

    In Cala Sisine as well as in Cala Luna , there is a refreshment point surrounded by lush vegetation, yet easily accessible from the beach.

  • Grotta del Bue Marino

    Since the 50’s, the main attraction of Cala Gonone has been the “Grotta del Bue Marino”.
  • Since then it has been admired by millions of tourists. The queen of this cave was in fact the “marine ox": so, popular imagination named it the monk seal because of its awkward shape and warm behaviour. 

    Today visitors come to the cave in our boats, they can access the south branch and walking along a smooth walkway, they can find themselves admiring one of the most beautiful and famous caves in Italy.

    The visit inside lasts about an hour, during which experienced guides are available to provide scientific and historical information about the cave and the wildlife that inhabited it. If you choose to only visit the “Grotta del Bue Marino”, the total duration of the excursion is approximately 2 hours including the return journey and the visit inside (duration 1 hour).

    You can combine your visit to the cave with other scheduled trips, see COMBINATION and MINI CRUISE, in which case the duration depends on the itinerary chosen.

  • Grotta Bue Marino + Cala Luna

    The combined course is an attractive combination that allows you to visit the “Grotta del Bue Marino”, and after the guided tour, to head to the beach of Cala Luna for a short stop or for the entire day.
  • Departures are scheduled every hour for this excursion, particularly from June to September, and even the return times are well distributed throughout the day.

    N.B. Consortium customers can easily choose between the different return times from Cala Luna pier, without having to pre-book at departure.